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Elderflower, lavender and rose are amongst the thirteen hand selected botanicals that produce this delicate contemporary take on a London dry gin.


To experience Fenney Street Gin to its full potential, we suggest you go for it straight up over ice. This allows you to taste the well rounded floral notes whilst appreciating the refined purity of the gin. Go on, try it. You will be surprised how easy-drinking it is!


Fenney Street Gin is subtle and delicate and with a good quality tonic it stands up to be one of the most refreshing G&T's on offer. Once a premium tonic is added, the floral notes begin to emerge to produce rich complexities with intriguing depth, flavour and an exceptionally smooth finish.


These midi bottles make for the perfect pocket sized gift.



Fenney Street Gin - (20cl/ 42% ABV)

SKU: 0004
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