At Fenney Street Gin we believe in quality over quantity. Each batch produces a maximum of 85 bottles so we can ensure every bottle is just as good as the last.

We carefully source the highest quality botanicals and wild flower petals before gently hand grinding them in a pestle and mortar to help release their unique flavours.

After allowing them to infuse in the base spirit, we add them to our copper still – lovingly named ‘Ada’.

Eden Valley

After distillation, the concentrated gin is brought down to a respectable 42% ABV using fresh spring water from the idyllic Eden Valley.

This in itself is sourced from a special protected area of conservation, where it flows deep below the ground through rocks dating back millions of years. These ancient rocks naturally filter each drop, producing a soft and delicate water which is the perfect marriage for our elegant gin.

Quality Checked

Each bottle and batch is meticulously quality checked to ensure it meets that premium quality. With each sip we want you to experience the love and attention we put into every bottle, ensuring the same great taste each and every time.